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Uma Yoga Sanctuary was founded in September 2011 in Cabo San Lucas, México to create a space for peace and well being to practice Yoga, Meditation and other Therapies that promotes a healthy, happy and fulfilling life through self-knowledge, recognition of its essence and meeting with their inner power.
Our Mission is to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being to people through the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Transformational Breath contributing  to enhance satisfaction and happiness of the human being.

Our Goals are:
– Share happiness and well being that Yoga, Meditation and Transformational Breath offers.
– Inspire love and joy in connection with everything that surrounds us.
– Take the client into a new level of consciousness about himself, others and their environment.
– Keep a high competitive standard of professionalism and integrity inside and outside the studio.

Our Core Values are:
Love, consciousness, harmony & professionalism.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this place, which was designed and created specially to share the peace and well being that you need. We are more than a Yoga Studio!

With Love and Gratitude,

Cristina Ponce,

Cristina Ponce Cristina Ponce
Our Loving Founder,

Cristina has a Degree in Education and honor mention from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. Specializing in Additions, Emotional Intelligence, Human Development and Leadership, she begins her practice of Yoga in July 2001; just a year after, she decided to share her love and passion for this practice and started teaching since October 2002.

In 2005 she travels to Bali, Indonesia to become certified by taking Bodichitta Teachers Training; subsequently Rainbow Kids Teachers Training and Sun Moon Partner Teachers Training. She is also therapist in Harmonization System with Crystal Bowls, Reiki and Thetahealing.

She is very happy to announce that she will be certified soon as a Transformational Breath Facilitator and she  offering Breathing sessions to your personal growth and integration. Also she is actually studying a Master degree in Transpersonal Pshicology taking all her experience and knowledge into a new level of professionalism.

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