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Regular Yoga Classes

  • Concious Yoga–  Instructor: Cristina

The purpose of this practice is that the practitioner experiences a deep connection with himself, recognizing his inner peace and the harmony between movement, breathing and consciousness. We create a nice way to perceive ourselves and the rest of the word by using kriyas, pranayama, asanas, vinyasas, restorative poses and meditation. It’s a special class to becoming back to yourself!

All levels are welcome!

Yoga Pose in Cabo

  • Therapeutic Yoga – Instructor: Beka 

A class where you can feel every part of your body, I will guide you through a conscious journey from all the layers of your skin, opening space, releasing and getting a strong body. You can learn from poses or special movements to common discomfort on the different places of your body: neck, spine, knees… breathing to balance and restore your energy and different approaches to movement meditation. A class without levels for all those who wants to experience union between body, mind and spirit. We explore asanas, mudras, pranayama and relaxation.

  • Prenatal Yoga – Instructor: Cristina 

A class to create connection with your body and baby through the movements and conscious breathing. Share with other moms, get energize, reduce uncomfortability; create strength, flexibility and confidence. Get ready to give birth!!!

  • Yoga for Kids – Instructor: Cristina 

A fun way to share and practice Yoga while we are playing; perfect early introduction to the world of Yoga. We are proudly certified by Rainbow Kid´s Yoga and we love sharing their magic with our community, generating a life-time learning experience. For kids from 6 to 12 years old. Parents are also welcome.

  • Meditation – Instructor: Cristina.

A vipassana experience of knowing your true Self, a journey to a higher state of being. Every class is a different approach to get deeply into the meditative state of being.

Los Cabos Yoga Team

  • Vinyasa Flow – Instructor:  José.

A fun dynamic vinyasa flow with no boundaries. A harmonious combination of pranayama, meditation and asana designed to open the body, create flexibility, and build awareness and strength. This class is invigorating and rejuvenating for the body, mind and soul. Suitable for all levels!

*All our classes are available for groups or private sessions. Contact us for more details.

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