Regular Yoga Classes

Mon-Wed-Fri 9:30am

The purpose of this practice is that the practitioner experiences a deep connection with himself, recognizing his inner peace and the harmony between movement, breathing and consciousness. We create a nice way to perceive ourselves and the rest of the word by using kriyas, pranayama, asanas, vinyasas, restorative poses and meditation. It’s a special class to becoming back to yourself!

All levels are welcome!


Drop in  $ 200 mx  $ 15 usd
4 classes  $ 600 mx  $ 35 usd
8 classes  $1,200 mx  $ 60 usd
12 classes  $1,500 mx  $ 85 usd
unlimited $1,950 mx $ 98 usd


*All our classes are available for groups or private sessions. Contact us for more details.

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