Private Yoga Classes

The purpose of this practice is that the practitioner experiences a deep connection with himself, recognizing his inner peace and the harmony between movement, breathing and consciousness. We create a nice way to perceive ourselves and the rest of the word by using kriyas, pranayama, asanas, vinyasas, restorative poses, therapeutic sequences  and meditation. It’s a special class to becoming back to yourself!

This class creates space in you body, mind and spirit; get back to harmony and balance and restore your energy.

All levels are welcome!!!

A class to create connection with your body and baby through the movements and conscious breathing. Share with other moms, get energize, reduce uncomfortability; create strength, flexibility and confidence. Get ready to give birth!!!

A fun way to share and practice Yoga while we are playing; perfect early introduction to the world of Yoga. We are proudly certified by Rainbow Kid´s Yoga and we love sharing their magic with our community, generating a life-time learning experience. For kids from 6 to 12 years old. Parents are also welcome.

A vipassana experience of knowing your true Self, a journey to a higher state of being. Every class is a different approach to get deeply into the meditative state of being.


*Kids, couples and family Yoga is available for groups or private sessions. Contact us for more details.



Conscious Yoga – Monday, Wednesday and Friday –  9:30am




4 Classes a month $35.00 usd
8 Classes a month $62.00 usd
12 Classes a month $83.00 usd
Unlimited classes
$120.00 usd
Buy 10 classes, get 1 free
Come when you want
$100.00 usd





“Therapy is designed to free the inner beauty of spirit” John C. Pierrakos

We promote mental health and spiritual development through different therapies that leads you to a new understanding  of yourself and the world.


Transpersonal therapy is a variation of a talk therapy that has the purpose  to transcend the ego through the integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human being to  become a happier and satisfied person.

Transpersonal therapy has the power to improve a person´s view of life and increase their confidence in themselves. It can help the person heal form a variety of events as well as encourage positive body-mind relations to improve the overall quality of life. It takes an holistic approach to talk therapy by focusing not only on the mind but  the wellness of the spirit. It hones in on the physical, mental, social, emotional, creative and intellectual needs of the individual. This personalized approach facilitates healing and growth for a happier and healthier adult.

($50usd  / $800 pesos).


More about Transpersonal Therapy

Its an holistic technique that leads to open the breath pattern to increase physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The facilitator use gentle movement, sound vibration techniques and simple affirmations so that you can achieve and maintain the wave-like “full circular breath” pattern. This activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind, clearing blockages within energy systems.

Increases oxigenación throughout the body, improves energy levels, reduces worry and anxiety, clear past traumas and dramas, creates life enjoyment, improves self-esteem.

($50usd / $800 pesos).

More about Transformational Breath®

If you are ready for one of our treatments, contact us for an appointment.



We are very happy to satisfy your Yoga needs. Ask for your personal Yoga Class and we will find the perfect way to suit your expectations at your favorite location in Cabo.

We work with groups, corporations and everyone who is interested in having an unforgettable Yoga experience.


  at Studio Off site Cabo Off site San José
1 – 2 Participants $75.00 usd $95.00 usd $115.00 usd
3 – 5 Participants $100.00 usd $120.00 usd $140.00 usd
Additional participants $10 usd each  


You have a group and want a special service? contact us to find out more.


We are happily sharing our space, If you are interested in using our studio for your workshop or therapy session please contact us


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