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We use our beautiful space of peace and well being to promote health and spiritual development that´s why we offer therapies. Complement your practice with a restorative therapy that leaves you renew, shining and energetic.

  • Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India. Ayurvedic massage works in a physical, energetic and mental level and with it leads to balances the different systems in the body.services-uma-yoga

An Ayurvedic massage helps eliminate toxins through purification, strengthens the muscle tone, relaxes and rejuvenates the body. It is based on the belief that all life forms have a “dosha”, which is a unique mix of energies known as “vata”, “pitta” and “kapha”. Ayurveda includes the techniques of detoxification, diet, herbal prescriptions, yoga, meditation and massage therapy individualized for every person’s dosha.

Ayurvedic massage involves tapping, kneading, squeezing and traditional massage strokes is done by using essential oils to suit individual doshas. The style and intensity of massage depends on the individual’s need for balance and well being at the time.

An Ayurvedic therapist focuses on the “marma points”, which are similar to the pressure points in reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure.

Price $60.00 usd

  • Transpersonal psychology

“Energetic body between psychology and spiritualism”

“Therapy is designed to free the inner beauty of the spirit”.

– John C. Pierrakos

Body Psychotherapy and energy Core is a psychotherapeutic approach towards the body and its energy flow, personal growth, self-fulfillment and find the fullness of life. It focuses on the transformation of obsolete behavior patterns and harmonization of body, soul and spirit.Unlike other psychotherapies, we work with spiritual and corporal besides emotional and mental contents of a traditional therapy. This seeks to have more satisfying individual and collective dimensions.

Our TeamThis type of psychotherapy is effective on one side, by preventing various psychosomatic diseases and on the other hand, in the treatment of these. It integrates knowledge of the new physics, neuroscience, systems theory and metaphysical concepts about consciousness and energy on a continuum leads to a profound transformation of body and soul.Body Psychotherapy and Core Energetics shows us ways on how we can overcome setbacks and obstacles in the internal process and connect with our true potential.

Opening the door to our highest standards, we dare to stand on our feet more firmly and offer your hand to the other with more understanding and compassion. We prepare more and more to a natural inner contact with the universe, with the divine. Our minds think more clearly and increase our creativity and authenticity. Our loving capacity grows, like the joy of living.This therapy is directed towards the creation and use of new ways of seeing, to open more positive as encouraging independence and self-reliance perspectives and mature relationships.

Price $50.00 usd

  • Therapeutic Yoga 

This is the application of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine to reduce symptoms of an illness, injury; establish new patterns of breathing or movement; reduce mental, emotional or physical stress. This is a partnership between patient and therapist to bring your body into a healthy balance, improving your life and your family.Through a deep understanding of each patient a prescription for practice at home is created. Yoga can help improve the quality of life of people with chronic or terminal illnesses (AIDS , cancer , diabetes , arthritis ) psychosomatic or emotional illness (fibromyalgia , chronic pain syndrome , depression , anxiety, stress ) and obesity , among others.Therapeutic yoga activates the power of self -healing, your practice and perseverance is the perfect medicine for your body-mind-spirit.

Price: First two sessions $100.00 usd, following sessions $50.00 usd

If you are ready for one of our treatments, contact us for an appointment.

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